Professional Work

Robot Rising
As Product Owner and Character Art Lead, I was responsible for all the characters in this video including VFX, animations, and designs.
The game was spec’d to run on Unity to Flash exporter. With this as our tech limitations we had to be incredibly tight with our budgets.
To create these characters we were only allowed 9 bones. 9 BONES! For each monster. We became incredibly clever at pushing the envelope with our designs, and VFX/animations. The VFX were created by heavily using mesh FX (animated meshes) and shaders.

Unannounced MMO
I was Lead Character Artist on this Unannounced MMO.
A large part of my job was providing guides, art mentoring, pipeline creation for characters and armor as well as character art for the game.
Working with the team in China required that documents be as clear as possible visually, as I could not be certain the translations would be accurate.
I was also expected to provide feedback on all assets, and approve work from the internal US artists.

The video below shows our instance we were working on internally. Shows a number of the monsters made by the US art team.

This video shows some of the environments, characters done both the US and China.

Bamboo MonsterBamboo Monster ZbrushVolcanosVolcanos ZbrushLavabossLavaboss NoGlowLavaboss Zbrush

Rockband: Beatles
I can only show published art
(I worked on Paul and George heads, some hairs and clean up)

Natural Selection 2
2008-2009 (spare time)
These models were done in the early stages of Natural Selection 2 development. I worked with one of the co-founders at a previous job and felt like helping out a friend. The in-game male marine armor designs were modified after I finished my work with them, however you can still see some of the original work in the final model. The images presented here were still in a WIP state of sorts as the game took another 2 years of development after my involvement.

UnannouncedUnannouncedUnannouncedUnannounced Hero
Unannounced Hero

360 spins
Hero 360
Satyr 360

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
FuryHadesHadesHades Stage 2SiegewalkerEmpusa

Titan Quest
Satyr BruteSatyrNymphEuronymousEuronymousMummyMummyWarthound

360 spins